Dave Valesky ran for State Senate because he believes that New Yorkers deserve a better government.

Since his election in 2004, he has been committed to making government more accountable and transparent to the people it serves, and his work has resulted in more reforms in the last two years than the previous forty. Dave has also led the fight in the Senate to reduce property taxes and government waste, and to bring new jobs and new companies to Upstate New York.

Dave knows there is much more to be done—and he will continue to work hard every day to improve the lives of his constituents and to build a better government.

Prior to his election to the Senate, Dave began his public service by working in the State Assembly as an aide to former State Assembly Majority Leader Michael Bragman. He then dedicated his efforts to the education and enrichment of the lives of Central New Yorkers through his work in public television and radio as Vice President of Communications at WCNY-TV/FM.

Dave Valesky
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